Alisdair Owens: About

I'm a software engineer, currently working at Amazon Vancouver on the RDS Aurora team. I moved from the UK to Canada in 2016, having previously worked for IBM in Hursley. In 2011 I completed my PhD in Computer Science, working in the Electronics and Computer Science Department of the University of Southampton.

As a developer, I have experience with both the use and development of database systems, and am strong on the development of highly parallel web services. My research interest during my PhD was RDF storage and query. My major focus was on high performance in-memory storage layers for RDF, but I have also done some work on benchmarking of RDF stores and characterisation of RDF datasets.

I do a bit of development on my own time - my most recent projects being PostgreSQL Exercises, a site dedicated to learning SQL by doing, along with a concurrent hashmap written in Rust. If you're interested, you can find out more on my GitHub, and the projects page.

I was also lucky enough to spend four months interning at HP Labs in the summer of 2008, working with Andy Seaborne and the Jena team on producing a prototype clustered RDF store, Clustered TDB.

My other interests include cricket, badminton, starcraft, and eating the most delicious foods that my body will tolerate.